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Transforming Marriage Conference

Marriage was intended to serve as a living breathing illustration of the relationship between Christ and his bride, the Church. If we understand this, it will revolutionize the way we view our marriages. We will go from a man-centered marriage to a gospel-centered marriage. This conference has been used as a tool to do just that. This is not your run-of-the-mill psychology-based, felt need oriented "relationship" seminar. This conference relies on the clarity, authority, power and relevance of God's word to reach deep into the lives of men and women and call them to gospel obedience. From the marriage in crisis, to the couple looking for a tune-up, this conference is a great help to all.

If you're tired of Freud and Skinner disguised in biblical sounding language, then this is the conference for you.


Marriage: In the Beginning

If you don't know the purpose of a thing, you will probably misuse it. That saying is as true for marriage as it is for power tools. In this session we examine the biblical purpose for which God gave marriage in an effort to establish a foundation on which to build the rest of our thinking. Once we know the purpose for which marriage was given, we are able to evaluate our use of and participation in it properly.

Understanding Manhood and Womanhood

There is a great deal of confusion over so-called "gender roles" in our culture. We are no longer clear on what it means to be a man, or what it means to be a woman. As a result, many couples struggle to define their roles without the benefit of a standard

This session will establish a clear biblical grid through which to evaluate our roles.

Transforming Communication

Many couples struggle with communication. We say things we do not mean, and often regret the careless words we speak. However, this does not have to be the case. The Bible outlines helpful patterns for conflict resolution that will transform warring spouses into reconciling lovers.

This session is often a catalyst to healing real hurts that have gone unattended for years. Couples have come away from this session feeling like they have hope for the first time in their marriage. We dispel the myths that often serve as excuses for abusive speech. We also learn a pattern of repentance and faith that will offer hope and healing in this and many other areas of our marriages.

Transforming Intimacy

Contrary to what most men believe, intimacy is not a three-letter word that begins with S and ends with X. True intimacy is much, much more. Moreover, true biblical intimacy is a catalyst to a great sex life.

In this session, we will examine cultural trends that have led to a cheapening of sex, and the consequences with which many Christian couples suffer as a result. We will look at clear biblical teaching on the importance and benefits of a healthy sex life, and keys to sustaining intimacy beyond the bedroom.

Warning: This session has led to numerous "additions" to the family!!!