by Voddie Baucham Jr.

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The Ground Is Moving

The death of George Floyd at the hands of police in the summer of 2020 shocked the nation. As riots rocked American cities, Christians affirmed from the pulpit and in social media that “black lives matter” and that racial justice “is a gospel issue.”

But what if there is more to the social justice movement than those Christians understand? Even worse: What if they’ve been duped into preaching ideas that actually oppose the Kingdom of God?

In this powerful book, Voddie Baucham, a preacher, professor, and cultural apologist, explains the sinister worldview behind the social justice movement and Critical Race Theory—revealing how it already has infiltrated some seminaries, leading to internal denominational conflict, canceled careers, and lost livelihoods. Like a fault line, it threatens American culture in general—and the evangelical church in particular.

Whether you’re a layperson who has woken up in a strange new world and wonders how to engage sensitively and effectively in the conversation on race or a pastor who is grappling with a polarized congregation, this book offers the clarity and understanding to either hold your ground or reclaim it.

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Voddie Baucham

VODDIE T. BAUCHAM JR., a pastor and church planter, is the dean of the School of Divinity at African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia, where he and his family have lived since 2015. Married more than thirty years, Voddie and his wife, Bridget, have nine children and two grandchildren and are committed home educators.

What Others Are Saying About Fault Lines:

“Through a mixture of autobiography, incisive analysis, and a careful sifting of the statements made and positions taken by Critical Race theorists, Voddie Baucham exposes the anti-biblical, anti-God presuppositions upon which CRT is founded. This book is a must-read for all Christians, but especially for evangelicals who, in the name of justice and compassion, have been lured into supporting a movement that denies, in the most radical way, that we are all creatures made in the image of God but fallen into sin.”

—LOUIS MARKOS, professor of English and scholar in residence at Houston Baptist University and author of Atheism on Trial: Refuting the Modern Arguments Against God

“Voddie Baucham is no stranger to the impact of racism. He knows well the historical effects of racism as well. But he does not think the way to solve either one is by the application of Critical Race Theory, a philosophy based on Marxism. It is ironic that people who anathematize everything that is white, Western, and male derive their own philosophy from a white, Western male.”

—NANCY PEARCEY, Professor and Scholar in Residence at Houston Baptist University, author of Total Truth and Love Thy Body

“The theological work is precise; the personal narrative is arresting and moving; the cultural analysis is razor-sharp and driven not by buzzwords but by data. Even as Baucham renders critique, he does so in love, with a spirit of upbuilding.”

—DR. OWEN STRACHAN, associate professor of Christian theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and author of the forthcoming book Christianity & Wokeness

“Social justice is one of the most devious and destructive movements the church has faced in the last hundred years. Voddie Baucham, like a capable doctor, diagnoses the problem and in a skillful manner directs his readers to the biblical solution.”

—DR. JOSH BUICE, pastor of Pray’s Mill Baptist Church in Douglasville, Georgia, and founder and president of G3 Ministries

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